nup, never heard of ya

We are a diverse team of thinkers, designers, and collaborators – with strong ties to the Adelaide Hills having grown up in Lobethal and Mount Barker respectively.

Whether it’s high-contrast, thick and decisive, bold and iconic, blunt and minimal – we adapt and deliver.

Can you think of anything more boring than a designer proclaiming how ‘creative’ and ‘groundbreaking’ they are? Give me a break. Hear it from our clients below – they know what they’re talking about.


the illustrator / designer

As a designer and illustrator, I like to go a little further than the ‘obvious’ answer when looking for graphic design solutions.

I like to take the time to explore all possibilities in creative development before moving on to the finished artwork.

I love and I am fascinated by printing processes and finishes (I am a very tactile person!) and if I find something new, I have to know how it has been done.

In my time away from work, I’m usually still drawing – I enjoy portraiture. I also have an unhealthy toy collecting habit!


the designer

Creative thinking has always been my biggest strength. Whether it be graphic design, web-design, marketing or advertising, I’m always looking to outdo my competitors (yes, I’m super competitive!).

I consider myself a minimalist designer, perpetually opposed to unnecessary clutter, with a keen eye for professionalism and excellence. I’m a ‘can we just move that a millimeter down’ kind of guy.

Work aside, I also love watching and playing almost all sports, spending time with my fiancé and dog and getting out in the garden.


the developer

As an expert with system architecture and development, I’m able to assess the requirements of any given project and deliver an elegant, future-proof solution.

Rather than following the recent trend of designer-become-developer, I’ve learnt programming languages from the ground up; well before the widespread adoption of frameworks such as WordPress. This allows me to build products that are perfectly mated to the needs of our clients.

When I’m not programming, my free time is taken up with my 3-year-old son, usually adventuring the hills.